Favorite Games

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Here’s a list of my favorite games. It’s not an exhaustive list, and it will change over time as tastes change.

Dungeon! Fantasy Board Game – Wizards of the Coast – I had this game way back when it came in a purple box. I remember playing it countless times. This game is especially great for younger players because the rules are dead simple. When you’re playing with grown-ups, use the more advanced rules for a challenge.

Hero Kids – Hero Forge Games – This is a great tabletop RPG game to play with kids. It features an easy-to-understand D6 based rule set and is a great primer for more complicated games like D&D and Pathfinder. It comes with everything you need to play, including a starter adventure and paper miniatures for heros and monsters.

Frostgrave – Osprey Publishing – This is a pretty simple to play wargame. All you need to get started is the rulebook and enough miniatures to make up a warband. They don’t need to even be specific minis, you could use those old green toy soldiers and still have fun. (DriveThruRPG | Amazon)

HeroQuest – Milton Bradley – Traverse through dangerous dungeons as four heros, avoiding traps and facing monsters controlled by Zargon. A lot of the content here is HeroQuest based, including the Custom HQ Board build log. Unfortunately, you can’t get it anymore unless you pay an arm and a leg on Ebay, there is however a very active community at Ye Olde Inn. Oh, yeah, it’s also being remade by Avalon Hill. Whether it will ever see another retail release is to-be-determined.

X-Wing Miniatures – Fantasy Flight Games – This game has been around for a while, but we only just got into it in the last year or so. Dogfight with your favorite Star Wars ships against your friends. It’s a fairly complex game, but with some rule modifications, I’ve been able to play it with my kids.

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