HeroQuest Official Quest Order

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Your unofficial source for the Official HeroQuest quest play order.

What order should I play the HeroQuest Expansions in? This is a question that I see often. Hopefully this I’ll put your mind at ease. Here is the official Quest Order, confirmed by Zargon on Twitter[1] Avalon Bill on the Avalon Hill Discord[2].

I will attempt to keep this page updated with the most up-to-date list from Avalon Hill. If you notice any errors or corrections that need to be made, feel free to reach out to me in the comment section below.

Please Note: The Classic quests listed here are not part of Avalon Hill’s official Play Order and are purely the opinion of fans in the order they take place, not is this a list that must be adhered to. It is completely up to the players on what order the quests can be played, this is merely a suggestion. This list also is not in order of difficulty, just because a quest appears later in the list does not mean it is more difficult than a quest that appears earlier, quest difficulty is varying throughout the journey.

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  • Update 07/18/2023: I’ve now included the classic EU quests in this list. Using community feedback, we’ve made the decision to place them directly following Return of the Witch Lord in the sequence. If you would like to only see the currently available quests made by Avalon Hill, make sure to toggle off “Classic Quests” using the toggle buttons below.

Filter Quests: (Use the buttons below to toggle ON or OFF the desired quest types. All quests are toggled ON by default)

-1: Online Quest 0 – New Beginnings

An alternate quest for your group to try instead of The Trial from the Game System
This quest can be found on the Avalon Hill blog here: https://hasbropulse.com/blogs/avalon-hill/heroquest-try-out-a-new-beginning.

New Beginnings

0: Training Quest – Rogar’s Hall

Written by Stephen Baker, this quest was designed as a test of strength for the Heroes, and was specifically designed with the Mentor miniature in mind.
The post describing this quest is no longer available, however the quest still lives on Hasbro’s CDN: https://cdn.hasbro.com/faaa3d5019832273570327fcdc971786a399f134/8ce8da71ae03462180a184da7535eab5.pdf.

Rogar’s Hall

1: Quest Book 01 – HeroQuest Game System

Originally designed by Stephen Baker and published by Milton Bradley in 1989.
HeroQuest was redesigned and rereleased by Avalon Hill in 2021 through a crowdfunding campaign. You can pick up a copy of HeroQuest here: Amazon.
Download a copy of the Quest Book from Hasbro here: https://instructions.hasbro.com/api/download/F3649_en-us_heroquest-game-instructions-rulebook.pdf

HeroQuest Game System (GS)

2: Online Quest 01 – Forsaken Tunnels of Xor-Xel

Designed by Doug Hopkins, this quest was designed to bridge the gap between the Game system and Kellar’s Keep, telling the story of the journey to the Great Gate.
Download this quest from the Avalon Hill blog: https://hasbropulse.com/blogs/avalon-hill/heroquest-brave-the-forsaken-tunnels-of-xor-xel.

Forsaken Tunnels of Xor-Xel

3: Quest Book 02 – Kellar’s Keep

The first official expansion to the HeroQuest Game System. The Heroes are tasked with rescuing the King and his Army, trapped in Kellar’s Keep.
Get your copy of Kellar’s Keep here: Amazon.
Download a copy of the Quest Book from Hasbro here: https://instructions.hasbro.com/api/download/F4543_en-us_avalon-hill-heroquest-kellars-keep-expansion-ages-14-and-up.pdf

Kellar’s Keep (KK)

4: Quest Book 03 – Prophecy of Telor

Return to Melar’s Maze to find why Lortome’s pages are in turmoil.
This quest book was only available to Mythic Tier backers of the 2021 crowdfunding campaign. Prophecy of Telor has been confirmed to see a retail release at some point in the future.

Prophecy of Telor (PoT)

5: Quest Book 04 – Spirit Queen’s Torment

Explore ancient fortresses, towers and tombs on a quest to discover why the spirits are restless and who is stealing their secrets.
This quest book was only available to Mythic Tier backers of the 2021 crowdfunding campaign.

Spirit Queen’s Torment (SQT)

6: Quest Book 05 – Return of the Witch Lord

The Witch Lord has returned! Journey to the great ruins of Kalos to defeat him along with Skulmar and the Witch Queen.
Get your copy of Return of the Witch Lord here: Amazon.
Download a copy of the Quest Book from Hasbro here: https://instructions.hasbro.com/api/download/F4193_en-ca_avalon-hill-heroquest-return-of-the-witch-lord-quest-pack-for-ages-14-and-up.pdf

Return of the Witch Lord (RotWL)

EU 1: Classic Quest Book 06 – Against the Ogre Horde

A vast horde of Ogres has left the Northern Borderlands in ruins. Only the Emperor’s greatest heroes can stop them!
Check out this quest on the HeroQuest Fan Site Ye Olde Inn: http://english.yeoldeinn.com/against-the-ogre-horde.php.

Against the Ogre Horde (AtOH)

EU 2: Classic Quest Book 07 – Wizards of Morcar

Morcar has gathered the worlds mightiest sorcerers. Seek out these sorcerers and defeat them before they can complete Morcar’s plans.
Check out this quest on the HeroQuest Fan Site Ye Olde Inn: http://english.yeoldeinn.com/wizards-of-morcar.php.

HeroQuest Wizards of Morcar

Wizards of Morcar

EU 3: Classic Quest Book 08 – The Dark Company

Originally published with the Advanced Quest Edition of the EU Game System.
The Emperor has chosen you to descend into the dungeons below the old city to find Hinsgrim and slay him.
Check out this quest on the HeroQuest Fan Site Ye Olde Inn: http://english.yeoldeinn.com/system.php.

The Dark Company

The Dark Company

7: Online Quest 02 – Into the Northlands

Take “a chilling journey north” in this prelude quest designed to prepare a solo adventurer for the perils that await them in The Frozen Horror.
This quest can be found on the Avalon Hill blog: https://hasbropulse.com/blogs/avalon-hill/heroquest-a-chilling-journey-north.

Into the Northlands

8: Quest Book 06 – The Frozen Horror

Face off against an ancient evil that has reawakened deep within Ice Mountain, The Frozen Horror. Journey on three solo quests designed for the Barbarian before completing the remaining group quests.
Get a copy of The Frozen Horror here: Amazon.
Download a copy of the Quest Book from Hasbro here: https://instructions.hasbro.com/api/download/F5815_en-us_avalon-hill-hero-quest-the-frozen-horror-quest-pack-for-ages-14-and-up-requires-hero-quest-game-system-to-play.pdf

The Frozen Horror (FH)

9: Quest Book 07 – The Mage of the Mirror

The Elven Kingdom of Elethorn is in turmoil. Save the Queen’s daughter, Millandriel from the archmage Sinestra. Prove yourself to the Queen in three soloquests, then journey to save the princess in the remaining group quests.
Get your own copy of The Mage of the Mirror here: Amazon.
Download a copy of the Quest Book from Hasbro here: https://instructions.hasbro.com/api/download/F7539_en-us_avalon-hill-heroquest-the-mage-of-the-mirror-quest-pack-requires-heroquest-game-system.pdf

The Mage of the Mirror (MotM)

10: Online Quest 03 – Knight Fall

Agents of Zargon have infiltrated the prison. Head to the prison to stop the prison break in progress!
This quest can be found on the Avalon Hill blog: https://hasbropulse.com/blogs/avalon-hill/heroquest-online-quest-3-knight-fall.

HeroQuest: Knight Fall

Knight Fall

11: Quest Book 08 – Rise of the Dread Moon

The Elven Princess Millandriel has been saved, but all is not well in Elethorn. As the Night of the Dread moon approaches, you must investigate agents of Zargon working to destroy the kingdom of Elethorn.
Get your own copy of Rise of the Dread Moon here: Amazon.

Rise of the Dread Moon (RotDM)

12: Quest Book 09 – The Crypt of Perpetual Darkness

Designed by Joe Manganiello for the 2021 Crowdfunding campaign to revive HeroQuest. This quest is only available to Mythic Tier backers of the crowdfunding campaign.

The Crypt of Perpetual Darkness (CoPD)

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[1] Twitter source thread: https://twitter.com/domymontalto/status/1557406638855729153?t=K443Txr9NjMmq-Hur8rn5w&s=19

[2] Avalon Hill Discord server source: https://discord.com/channels/861979021418692620/865313168780034079/1006987381607506020

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1 month ago

Thank you for this list!

Manuel B.G.
Manuel B.G.
2 months ago

This is really awesome, including the EU campaigns is really great, thank you so much for doing this. If I’m not mistaken, the only official content missing would be the classic Japanese campaign (Neef Island), but I’m not sure if that would fit somewhere in the list or if it should be played as an individual spin-off campaign from scratch. What do you think?

1 month ago
Reply to  Elvyler

The Japanese Edition questbook I think may be played at any time, it is not linked with any other events of HeroQuest campaigns. I see it an aisle adventure happening in islands far away from the Empire domains, where Mentor could send the Heroes for another quest fighting for the free peoples, therefore I think it could be compatible with the rest of HeroQuest stories, not an alternate Universe needed in this case, imho.

3 months ago

Thinking about whre Knight Fall should be placed… in my humble opinion I don’t see clear if online quest Knight Fall occurs after MOTM.
The only details we can derive about its story are that it occurs after ROTWL and before ROTDM, which allows a lot of options where to be placed.
They only official information about it is that Hasbro recommends to play it before ROTDM, but I think we don’t know exactly when its story actually happens.

Last edited 3 months ago by HispaZargon
2 months ago
Reply to  HispaZargon

Before the title of “Knightfall” was revealed, it was referred to as “Rise of the Dread Moon Prequel Quest” for those demo sessions at GenCon. Plus it uses the (spoiler) Specter figure and some furniture pieces found in ROTDM, so it is primarily intended to show off that pack and for owners of it (though easy enough to run it with proxies if you wish). So having it take place immediately before ROTDM makes sense. Whether you play something between MOTM and it of course is up to you…

3 months ago

Fully agree with the order you selected for AtOH, WoM and TDC !! (Just based in storytelling reasons)

4 months ago

Knight Fall is an official quest that will bridge Mage of the Mirror to Rise of the Dread Moon. It will be available to download free after it’s YouTube introduction on “Hasbro Day” 2023, July 15th.