Loretome – A Glossary of HeroQuest Lore

Heed well my words, for I am Mentor …

Some articles in this glossary are incomplete. We are diligently working to fill in the gaps, this will take time. This glossary is based on the most recently published material for the 2021 HeroQuest remake by Avalon Hill/Hasbro. Information from the classic editions of HeroQuest, as well as the unpublished Mythic content will not be reflected in this glossary until they’ve been officially re-published.

A Disclaimer About AI Generated Content

The content of this glossary was created with assistance of AI to analyze all the source material available from HeroQuest. The material used to train the AI model includes, but is not limited to: Story and Lore text on game boxes, Rulebooks, Official Online Quest PDFs, Quest Books, and Official Avalon Hill Lore Videos.

My decision to use AI to generate this glossary is for various reasons, mainly: 1) I’m just one guy who really enjoys HeroQuest and technology, and doesn’t have enough time to create all the content alone; 2) It started out as a curiosity to explore AI and see what GPT models are capable of. All the generated output is in the process of being read through and verified against source material to ensure that no details have been changed, only augmented with more detail. Where possible, official images from Avalon Hill Lore Videos, and Game Resources have been used. Where a suitable image is not available, one has been AI generated based on the text of the topic. These generated images are merely a representation based on the topic text and should not be considered as official HeroQuest images.

PLEASE BE AWARE: This glossary is just for fun, it’s not an official reference. Information generated by AI can be incorrect, GPT models sometimes make up false information called “hallucinations”. Please keep this in mind while browsing the glossary.

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  • Update 11/14/2023: Added terms from Game System, and New Beginnings.

Beyond this point contains spoilers for the HeroQuest Game System, Expansions, and Supplement material.

Are Tomes Missing from Mentor’s Study?

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