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The Abomination is a nightmarish fusion of various creatures, created through dark rituals. Found in corrupted places, they serve as guardians of vile relics. Their immense strength and terrifying appearance make them formidable foes. Summoned by dark lords, they are ruthless enforcers and bodyguards.

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

The Abomination is a nightmarish fusion of various creatures, a monstrous entity brought into existence through dark and forbidden rituals. These abominable beings are often found lurking in the darkest and most corrupted places, serving as guardians to the most vile and dangerous relics. Their hideous form is a grotesque amalgamation of twisted limbs and unnatural features, making them a terrifying sight to behold.

In battle, an Abomination’s strength is unparalleled. Its sheer brutality and resilience make it a formidable foe, capable of instilling fear into the hearts of even the bravest heroes. Many a hero has met their end facing the horrific power of an Abomination, underestimating the sheer force and endurance of these monstrous creatures.

Abominations are frequently summoned by powerful sorcerers or dark lords to serve as enforcers and bodyguards. Their loyalty to their summoners is unwavering, and they carry out their commands with ruthless efficiency. These creatures are not only powerful but also highly dangerous, making them key assets to the forces of Dread.

Heroes beware, for the Abomination’s grotesque and nightmarish form is matched only by its deadly prowess in combat. Confronting such a creature requires not only courage but also strategy and strength, for a misstep could lead to a swift and brutal demise.

Common Abomination Stats:

Movement Attack Defend Body Mind
6 3 3 2 3

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