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Skeletons are reanimated remains of the dead, brought back to life through necromancy. Found in catacombs and crypts, they guard ancient treasures and tombs. Their clattering bones and unholy determination make them relentless foes. Often fighting alongside other undead, they form a formidable force.

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Skeletons are the reanimated remains of the dead, brought back to life through necromancy to serve dark purposes. These bone-clad warriors are a chilling sight, their empty eye sockets and clattering bones evoking fear and dread in those who encounter them. Though they lack flesh, their unholy determination makes them relentless foes.

In the ancient catacombs and crypts, Skeletons stand guard over long-forgotten treasures and tombs. These silent sentinels protect the secrets and riches of the past, ever watchful and ready to strike at intruders. Many heroes have faced the chilling gaze of a Skeleton, only to find themselves locked in a desperate battle against these tireless guardians.

Skeletons often fight alongside other undead creatures, creating a formidable force that is difficult to overcome. Their collaboration with other beings of the dark arts amplifies their threat, as they combine their strengths to challenge any who dare to oppose them.

Heroes beware, for the clattering advance of Skeletons signals the presence of dark magic and a battle that will test both courage and skill. These reanimated warriors may lack the vitality of the living, but their unyielding resolve and fearsome presence make them a perilous adversary in the world.

Common Skeleton Stats:

Movement Attack Defend Body Mind
6 2 2 1 0

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