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Zombies are reanimated corpses driven by a relentless hunger for the living. Slow but persistent, they overwhelm enemies through sheer numbers. Controlled by necromancers, they serve as foot soldiers in undead armies. Their rotting forms and tireless pursuit instill dread in all who encounter them.

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Zombies are the reanimated corpses of the dead, driven by a relentless hunger for the living. These mindless creatures are a horrifying sight, their rotting forms and shambling gait instilling dread and terror in all who encounter them. Though slow, their persistence and tireless pursuit make them formidable foes.

Zombies are slow but persistent, often overwhelming their enemies through sheer numbers and tireless pursuit. The mindless nature of Zombies makes them immune to fear and pain, allowing them to relentlessly pursue their prey without hesitation or retreat.

Often controlled by powerful necromancers or dark sorcerers, Zombies serve as expendable foot soldiers in undead armies. Their lack of intelligence and autonomy makes them perfect for tasks that require brute force and unyielding determination.

Many heroes have faced the shambling hordes of Zombies, their relentless advance a test of both courage and skill. The sight of these undead creatures, rising from their graves or emerging from the shadows, is a reminder of the dark magic that reanimates them and the sinister forces that command them.

Heroes beware, for the presence of Zombies signifies the influence of dark sorcery and a challenge that will test your resolve and strength. These tireless undead will not cease their pursuit until they have claimed their victims or been utterly destroyed.

Common Zombie Stats:

Movement Attack Defend Body Mind
5 2 3 1 0

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