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Mummies are preserved corpses reanimated by powerful curses and dark magic. Found in forgotten tombs, they guard their eternal rest and treasures. Often accompanied by other undead, they form a formidable defense. Heroes must beware their powerful curses and relentless guardianship.

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Mummies are the preserved corpses of ancient beings, brought back to life through powerful curses and dark magic. These undead guardians are often found in the depths of forgotten tombs, lying in wait to protect their eternal rest and the treasures buried with them. Their ancient, tattered wrappings and hollow eyes make them a fearsome sight.

In the depths of forgotten tombs, Mummies lie in wait, guarding their eternal rest and the treasures buried with them. Mummies are often accompanied by other undead minions, forming a formidable defense against any who would disturb their rest. These minions, along with the Mummies’ own formidable abilities, create a nearly impregnable barrier around their sacred grounds.

Heroes who face Mummies must be wary of their powerful curses and the relentless guardianship of their ancient tombs. The touch of a Mummy can inflict debilitating curses, making encounters with them particularly dangerous. These cursed beings are relentless in their duty, ensuring that their sacred tombs remain undisturbed by the living.

Mummies often ally with other undead creatures, creating a formidable force that is difficult to overcome. Their collaboration with other beings of the dark arts amplifies their threat, as they combine their strengths to challenge any who dare to oppose them.

Heroes beware, for the presence of Mummies signifies ancient curses and a battle that will test both courage and skill. These undead guardians will not cease their defense until they have driven off intruders or been utterly destroyed.

Common Mummy Stats:

Movement Attack Defend Body Mind
4 3 4 2 0

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