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The Doomguard are Zargon’s elite Dread knights, clad in dark enchanted armor and wielding powerful weapons. Their fearsome presence strikes terror into all who face them.

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

The Doomguard are the elite force of Dread knights, sworn to the evil sorcerer Zargon. Clad in dark, enchanted armor and wielding sinister weapons, they are the embodiment of terror on the battlefield. Their mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors. They are highly skilled in combat and are often the vanguard of Zargon’s army, leading the charge and breaking through enemy lines with ruthless efficiency.

The Doomguard were first seen in the Battle of Darkfire Pass, where they played a pivotal role in the collapse of the Realm’s defenses. As the tide of battle turned against the defenders, the Doomguard descended upon them with unmatched ferocity, causing chaos and ensuring Zargon’s victory. Their loyalty to Zargon is unbreakable, and they carry out his will with unwavering dedication.

These dread knights are not just formidable fighters; they are also imbued with dark magic, making them resistant to many forms of attack and capable of wielding devastating spells. The Doomguard are a constant reminder of the growing power of Zargon and the threat he poses to the Realm. Defeating them requires not only strength and bravery but also cunning and strategy, as they are among the most dangerous of Zargon’s minions.

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