Battle of Darkfire Pass

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The Battle of Darkfire Pass saw the Realm’s defenders clashing against Zargon’s horde, with lightning flashing and dark magic breaching their lines

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

The Battle of Darkfire Pass was an intense conflict that occurred just after the events of The Gathering Storm.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the King’s army, the largest in living memory, assembled at the foot of the mountain route connecting the Realm and the Borderlands. They faced the perilous task of holding the pass against the dark forces of Zargon.

The first sign of the enemy’s approach was a cacophony of chilling shrieks and howls that echoed from the mountain tops, sending waves of fear through the defenders and their steeds. Suddenly, as if descending a gentle slope rather than a sheer cliff, Zargon’s horde poured down upon them, a black wave of malevolence.

Despite the onslaught, the Realm’s lines held firm, and it seemed victory might be within reach. But Zargon, the dark sorcerer, stood on a ridge and wielded his terrible magic. Bolts of lightning erupted from his fingers, striking the defenders and creating chaos and breaches in their lines. The air filled with the enemy’s triumphant howls.

Then, the Doomguard, Zargon’s elite Dread knights, charged. Their ferocity and dark power broke the army’s resolve, causing them to flee. Only the King’s personal guard remained steadfast, many sacrificing their lives to ensure the King’s retreat to the ancient dwarven stronghold of Kaba Karn.

The battle left the King’s army battered and besieged, with limited provisions. While they sought refuge in Kaba Karn, another threat loomed: the Witch Lord, protected by unforeseen magic, survived his earlier defeat. Though wounded, he would soon rally the undead to fight once more.



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