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Orcs are brutish, aggressive creatures serving darker powers. Often found in dungeons, they guard treasures and ancient relics. Led by warlords like Ulag and Grak, their alignment with the forces of Dread makes them formidable foes. Heroes beware, for their strength and ferocity are unmatched.

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

The Orcs are a race of brutish and aggressive creatures, their ferocity and strength making them formidable opponents in battle. Often found serving as minions for darker powers, they epitomize the raw and untamed force of malevolence. Their alignment with the forces of Dread further augments their threat, positioning them as key adversaries to any hero who dares to confront them.

Deep within the labyrinthine dungeons, Orcs are frequently encountered as vigilant guardians of treasures and ancient relics. Their presence in these dark and foreboding places marks them as both protectors and enforcers, standing ever ready to unleash their wrath upon intruders.

Notable among their kind are Ulag and Grak, the fearsome warlords whose names strike terror into the hearts of heroes. Ulag, known for his cruel imprisonment of key figures such as Sir Ragnar, became the target of Prince Magnus’s direct orders for elimination. The reward for his destruction, a bounty of 180 gold coins, underscores the significant threat he posed. Ulag’s stronghold, rich with treasures, offered additional incentives for his defeat.

The legacy of Ulag continues through his offspring, Grak, who has sworn revenge on those responsible for his father’s death. Grak leads his horde with an iron fist, his cruelty matched only by his strategic cunning, making him a particularly dangerous foe. Under his leadership, the Orcs exhibit a degree of organization and hierarchy, highlighting the depth of their societal structure despite their savage disposition.

Their alliance with the forces of Dread solidifies their role as formidable adversaries, their aggressive and brutal nature amplified by the dark powers they serve. This alliance makes them not only powerful in their own right but also integral to the machinations of the darker forces that seek to plunge the world into turmoil.

Heroes beware, for many have fallen to the relentless might of the Orcs. Whether guarding the depths of dungeons or rallying under the banner of a warlord, these creatures stand as a testament to the enduring and pervasive threat of darkness.

Common Orc Stats:

Movement Attack Defend Body Mind
8 3 2 1 2

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