Barak Tor

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Barak Tor is a dark and ancient keep in the desolate Dark Mountains, shrouded in dread and guarded by the undead minions of the Witch Lord.

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

Barak Tor, also known as the Barrow of the Witch Lord, is a forbidding and ancient tomb located deep within the Dark Mountains. This desolate and eerie site is shrouded in perpetual gloom, with the landscape around it marked by jagged peaks and treacherous ravines. The air is thick with a palpable sense of dread, making even the bravest adventurers uneasy.

The entrance to Barak Tor is concealed within a rocky cliffside, protected by centuries-old enchantments and guarded by the undead minions of the Witch Lord. Inside, the barrow is a labyrinthine network of dimly lit tunnels and vast chambers, filled with traps and dark magic. This sinister stronghold is the final resting place of the Witch Lord, a malevolent entity who was once defeated by the legendary Spirit Blade but now stirs once more in his ancient crypt.

Legends tell of untold treasures and powerful artifacts hidden within Barak Tor, including the fabled Star of the West, a symbol of unity for the land’s rulers. However, retrieving these treasures requires great courage and skill, as the Witch Lord’s dark power permeates every corner of the barrow, and his undead guardians are ever-vigilant. Only the most daring and capable heroes stand a chance of overcoming the perils within and escaping with their lives.

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