Telor the Wizard

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

Telor the Wizard was a powerful sorcerer who played a vital role in the conflict against Zargon and his Dread Host during the First War.

As one of the original heroes alongside Rogar the Barbarian, Durgin the dwarven warrior, and Ladril the elven fighter mage, Telor brought his mastery of magic to the alliance, countering the dark sorcery wielded by Zargon and contributing to the overall success of the heroes’ endeavors.

Telor was renowned for his proficiency in the arcane arts. As a wizard, he possessed a deep understanding of magical forces and spells. His knowledge and skill in wielding magic made him a crucial asset in the battle against Zargon, whose powers were deeply rooted in the Dread magic.

Telor’s legacy endured in the tales of heroism that followed. His contributions, along with those of his fellow heroes, inspired future generations of wizards and defenders of the Realm. The alliance’s victory set the stage for a continued struggle against the forces of evil.

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