Fellmarg’s Tomb

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Fellmarg’s Tomb, a dark maze of ancient catacombs, harbors the sinister gargoyle Verag and treasures hidden in the shadows of its eerie chambers.

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

Fellmarg’s Tomb lies deep within the catacombs, an ancient and foreboding place where shadows cling to every corner and the air is thick with the musty scent of decay. This eerie tomb serves as the resting place of the long-forgotten hero Fellmarg, whose valor in battle was renowned in times past. The tomb is an intricate maze of narrow passageways and hidden chambers, filled with the remnants of ancient battles and guarded by traps set to deter intruders.

The central chamber of the tomb is where Fellmarg’s sarcophagus lies, adorned with intricate carvings that tell the tale of his heroic deeds. It is said that the spirit of Fellmarg still watches over the tomb, ensuring that only those worthy of his legacy may enter. However, more sinister forces have taken root in the tomb’s depths. Verag, a vile gargoyle, has made his lair here, drawing dark energies from the tomb and corrupting its sanctity.

Adventurers venturing into Fellmarg’s Tomb must tread carefully, for the corridors are lined with hidden dangers and the undead rise to protect their dark master. Yet, those brave enough to navigate the perils and defeat Verag will find themselves one step closer to becoming true heroes, as the tomb’s secrets and treasures are revealed only to the worthy.

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