Rogar’s Companions

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A group of Heroes responsible for thwarting Zargon in The First War. 

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Beware Traveler: The content below contains spoilers for HeroQuest.

The four original heroes who played crucial roles in the battle against Zargon in the First War:

Rogar the Barbarian: A mighty warrior prince from the Borderlands, Rogar bore the Star of the West on his brow, a symbol of leadership and purity. His courage and leadership were instrumental in rallying the people against the forces of Zargon.

Durgin the Dwarven Warrior: Fearless and skilled in combat, Durgin hailed from the World’s End Mountains. As a dwarven warrior, he brought his strength and expertise to the fight against Zargon’s minions, proving a stalwart defender of the Realm.

Ladril the Elven Fighter Mage: A skilled elven warrior with mastery over both swordplay and magic, Ladril came from distant Elethorn. Ladril’s abilities as a fighter mage added versatility to the heroes’ arsenal, aiding in their battle against the dark forces.

Telor the Wizard: A powerful sorcerer named Telor, whose mastery of magic proved crucial in countering Zargon’s dark spells. Telor’s sorcery played a pivotal role in the battles against the evil sorcerer and his minions.

Together, these four heroes united their strengths, bringing hope and resilience to the people of the Realm in the face of Zargon’s sinister schemes.

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