Ancient Sewer Ways – RPG Tileset

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Explore sewers and waterways hidden beneath ancient civilizations.


As you descend into this subterranean world, the air grows damp and heavy, with the faint drip of water echoing off moss and mushroom covered brick and pipe walls.

Your adventure awaits amidst the labyrinth tunnels and ancient aqueducts. Venture forth with your party, wading through knee-deep waters while torchlight flickers ominously, casting eerie shadows. There are secrets hidden in the darkness, from hidden passages and concealed treasure troves to perilous traps that could spell your doom.

Tread carefully or you may end up in a watery grave, in places the waters flow quickly. Navigate treacherous bends and encounter a host of otherworldly creatures lurking in the sludge and refuse as you unveil secrets beneath the city streets.

The Ancient Sewer Ways Tileset may be used standalone, or with any boardgame that uses a 1” square grid. Examples of compatible games include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, HeroQuest 2021 Remake, AltarQuest, and many more.

Tile Styles:

The tileset comes in two styles: Classic Sewer style, and a Clean style.


  • 60 Finely Crafted Tiles:
    • 26 Corridors Tiles
    • 18 Corners Tiles
    • 12 Room Tiles
    • 4 Intersections Tiles

Tiles are divided into 4 different sheets, a total of 12 pages.

For fans of HeroQuest

Included is a special subset of tiles specifically designed to supplement the brand new quest: Ancient Waterways Within, featured in HeroQuest’s newest expansion Rise of the Dread Moon.

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