HeroQuest Card Dividers


Keep your HeroQuest collection organized with this set of themed card dividers.


Printing and assembly required!

Designed to be the same length as the cards and larger in width to accommodate a title for easy readability.

The dividers will keep your collection organized by card type. The types include:

  • Artifact
  • Treasure
  • Equipment
  • Dread Spell
  • Monsters
  • Heroes
  • Hero Spell/Skill
  • Alchemy *New from Rise of the Dread Moon*
  • Hasbro Pulse *Use for printed cards from the Hasbro Pulse quests*


Printing & Assembly Instructions:

Print the pages at 100% scale for best results (print sizes may vary slightly for each printer).

Fold each page lengthwise along the center line to form a crease. Unfold the page and apply adhesive to the back, spray adhesive gives great results. Carefully refold the page along the creased center line. Wait for the adhesive to cure, then use the registration marks to carefully cut out the card dividers.

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