Tabletop & RPG Tileset – Package 01

Suggested Price: $3.00

Battle monsters in an arena, across a mountain chasm, or in a forest clearing!


Elvyler’s Tabletop & RPG Tilesets may be used standalone, or with any boardgame that uses a 1” square grid. Examples of compatble games include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, HeroQuest 2021 Remake, AltarQuest, and many more.


8 Finely Crafted Tiles:

  • 8×8 Stone Arena Tile
  • 8×8 Forest Clearing Tile
  • 8×7 Mountain Chasm Battle Tile
  • 4×4 Cage Toom Tile
  • 4×4 Icy Chasm Tile
  • 2. Staircase Tiles
  • 1. Cliff Pathway Tile

Specially designed for HeroQuest fans!

Some of the tiles included in this tileset are my own custom remakes of classic HeroQuest tiles. These include the Cage Room and Icy Chasm from Frozen Horror. Also included is a special tile specifically designed to be used in The Prophecy of Telor Quest – The Arena of Misildia.

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