My HeroQuest Back Story

HeroQuest has been a favourite of mine since I was a kid. Some of my best memories growing up were of HeroQuest.

In my younger years, we moved a lot and I didn’t always have friends who I could play with. I spent a lot of time solo playing. I didn’t have any special rules for solo play, I would just take turns playing the role of Zargon, and the Heroes.

This is where my tragic HeroQuest story begins. Eventually, I got older, and I played less and less. I didn’t play much during highschool, then when it came time for me to move away for college, I had to make a difficult decision.

I didn’t have the ability to bring all of my possessions with me. Since I hadn’t played it much, I decided to give away HeroQuest to one of my neighbour’s kids. I gave away a complete set of the core game, and the barbarian quest pack. It was a decision that I would later come to regret.

After college, I occasionally thought about playing HeroQuest in my youth, it wasn’t until later, when I had my kids that I really regretted giving away my set. It’s been close to 15-20 years since I’ve played HeroQuest.

During the great pandemic of 2020, I decided to start building my own HeroQuest core set. I’ll post updates in my blog and on Ye Olde Inn about my progress. Someday I’ll have a set that I can play with my kids.

At this time, Hasbro is in the middle of crowdfunding a reprint of HeroQuest. I’ve decided to back this project so that I can have an official set. The art style is a lot different than classic HeroQuest, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. In order to get a classic set on eBay, it would cost thousands of dollars to get a core set and at least the expansion that I grew up with. So I guess this Hasbro reprint will be the closest I’ll ever get to the real thing.

Now it’s just a race against time, which will come first, my crafted set completed, or the Hasbro reprint?

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