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Heroquest at GenCon 2022 Recap

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What new information have we learned about HeroQuest at GenCon, after the first day for the event!?

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What an exciting time to be a HeroQuest fan! I think these last couple of days have been the most important to the game since the day it was originally released. Yesterday was pretty big, we had a sneak peek of what was revealed for HeroQuest at GenCon today!

We started the day with a post on the Hasbro Pulse blog about upcoming announcements. In this post we officially learn about the existence of The Mage of the Mirror!

The Mage of the Mirror

Not much more information to than we had before. All we know now is that The Rogue Heir of Elethorn will be released first, in October. The Mage of the Mirror is expected to have a retail release of Spring 2023. No information on pre-order yet. We can also now see the official box art, instead of just a picture of it. The artwork is looking really good.

The Mage of the Mirror will require the HeroQuest Game System to play.

The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack
The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack – HeroQuest – Avalon Hill/Hasbro

The Rogue Heir of Elethorn

We found a new image today that shows a much clearer view of the Story Card for the Rogue Heir, and a bit more.

We also get a glimpse at some of the new Rogue Skills and Equipment Cards. One Skill Card’s ability is very visible, while the other two are mostly obscured.

Let’s start with the one we can see the most of: “Once per turn, when you attack with a shortsword or dagger you may make one additional attack with a dagger. Do not discard after use.”

The second one that we can get enough of a glance of to make some theories says: “You may mov[e] … spaces occup[ied] … Do not disca[rd] …”

These two are pretty exciting. This will be the first time we have seen skills that are not discarded after use. Some of the Mythic Heroes (Bard) have skills that can be regained, but this is completely different. These don’t need to be regained because they are never lost!

These basically become innate abilities for this hero, similar to how the Dwarf is naturally good at disarming traps. The difference here is that you can use these cards for your own homebrew characters… as long as you are ok with the back of the card still saying “Rogue Skill” on it.

The first unnamed skill, gives this hero the ability to make two attacks per turn, this means that we now officially have rules for dual wielding weapons! The second unnamed skill is a bit trickier to ascertain what it does. It definitely has to do with movement, and possibly to do with moving through spaces occupied by monsters. This is supported by yesterday’s Polygon article where Chris Nadeau, Senior Director of Design and Development at Avalon Hill, says this about the Rogue’s abilities: “First, through the use of the Rogue’s Combat Mobility the character can move through crowded rooms and hallways and attack Zargon’s minions from behind.”

The last cards that are somewhat visible are the Hero Card, which we’ve seen already, and two others. One I believe is a Skill Card, and the other an Equipment Card. The Skill Card really doesn’t have any text on it that gives us any clues. In the image, we can kind of make out what appear to be knives or daggers being thrown by a hand. I’m speculating that this Skill has something to do with throwing multiple daggers and either dealing more damage to one enemy, or normal damage to multiple enemies.

The last card, the Equipment card, says this: “[t]his sharp … [att]ack strength … a dagge[r] … at any mons[ter] … is lost once …”

From this, I think the item may be a new type of dagger, or just a different copy of the existing dagger with new artwork.

A video on Facebook also revealed a little more of the art for one of the Skill Cards:

The Skill has a name! Opportunistic Striker. “Once per turn you may throw 1 extra combat die when attacking a monster next to another hero. Do not discard after use.”

So there we go, now we just need to find out what the Bandolier does, that’s the only Equipment Card we haven’t seen yet!

The Rogue Heir of Elethorn is available now for pre-order!

Any New Sneak Peeks?

So far there has been no more news about new HeroQuest products announced at GenCon. I did find out that lucky attendees are able to get some pretty cool HeroQuest swag, including these three posters.:

I am still hopeful that we’ll get more news about HeroQuest at GenCon. The things I’m interested in seeing are:

  • Mythic Tier Quest and Hero releases
  • A re-release of the Commander of the Guardian Knights, either the same as the one that was originally released (unlikely), or a new version (most likely)
  • A restock of HeroQuest: The Card Game
  • A timeline or information about what other products are in the works

Hopefully we’ll see some more information come out in the coming days.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, take care.

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