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Altar Quests Expansions Miniatures Showcase

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The final installment in my series showcasing the miniatures of AltarQuest. Here we look at the miniatures included in the games two expansions.

I’m going to kill two birds with one stone in this post, we’ll cover Altar Quests expansions miniatures from both of Altar Quest’s expansions: The First Four, and Ruins of Arkenspire.

The First Four

This expansion isn’t getting its own post. It’s too small, it only has 4 new miniatures in it. In The First Four, you get 4 new heros to use in your games: Aeveth Namoura, Karon Harrick, Gavin Ulrich, and Willow Banks.

The Villain

You don’t get any new heros in this expansion, but there is a new faction along with a new big bad evil guy to lead it. You villain in this expansion is The Thane of Nethander. He looks like a big scary lich. Could probably use him as The Witch Lord in HeroQuest if you wanted to.

The Minions

You get one new faction in this expansion: The Profaned. The Thane of Nethander’s necromantic power has risen an army of undead minions. Minions of the Profaned are the Wretch, the Profaned Shambler, and the Revenant. The expansion includes 5 of each of these miniatures.

The Features

Ruins of Arkenspire comes with two additional features. One of which is a giant statue, you could probably use this in some other games as a character or enemy.

I love the theme of this expansion, but for the cost, I don’t know if it stacks up against the base game very well. It provides a fresh way to play the game, but this comes with a fraction of the components.

If you’d like to explore Altar Quest more, you can checkout more of my posts, or visit Blacklist Games for more information.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Altar Quests expansions miniatures. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.

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