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Altar Quest Stretch Goal Miniatures

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Follow up showcase of AltarQuest Stretch Goals miniatures.

Following up to my previous post showcasing the miniatures in the base game, here is my showcase of the Altar Quest Stretch Goals miniatures.

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The Heros

The stretch goals box comes with 5 new heros. The heros are: Van Geyzer, Gwyndel, Blake Gallows, Gronan Bosk, and Leyson Pines. Leyson also has a werewolf beastform miniature.

The Allies

The stretch goals box includes 3 miniatures to upgrade tokens used in the base game for various allies and 1 new ally for one of the new heros. The allies: Locksley, the Prisoner, Queen Valory, Huey.

The Villains

There are 5 new villains in the stretch goals box, they’re associated with 5 new factions. Billy the Kindler and his summonable Fire Elemental represent the Bray faction. Rancidian leads the Poxoid. Morgan is the leader of the Outlaws. Vivian commands the Crowl, and Broderick Heston is in charge of the Lunarin. Broderick also comes with a beastform Werewolf miniature.

The Rivals

There are also included 4 Rival miniatures that replace enemy tokens. These are: The Spy, the Traitor, the Thief, and the Fanatic.

The Minions

Each faction has three types of minions, and there are 5 miniatures of each type, for 60 miniatures in total.

The Bray

The Bray appear to be cat or rodent people with goat horns. It’s an interesting type of creature I haven’t seen before. Servants are small, possibly well suited to a sneaky type of character. The Moltenites are large brutish fighters, and the Flameshapers appear to be spellcasters.

The Poxoid

Poxoid are some kind of rodent or rat people. They would work pretty well as Skaven for HeroQuest. The Poxoid consist of smaller Rummagers, larger Mutangiants, and magical Bile Witches.

The Outlaws

Outlaws range from pirates to petty thieves. The outlaws include the Highwayman, the Cutpurse, and the Mercenary. The sculpt for the mercenary is the same one used for the hero Blake Gallows.

The Crowl

The Crowl are crow or bird people. In the Crowl faction you have the Assassin, the Blacksky Sharpshooter, and the Shadowbender.

The Lunarin

Last but not least are the Lunarin. The Lunarin are werewolves, and their followers that worship the moon. This faction has Werewolves, the Moon Child, and the Packmaster. The Werewolf sculpt appears to be the same as the Broderick Hestons Werewolf.

Token Upgrades

Included in the Altar Quest stretch goals are several miniatures made to replace tokens that in the game. I mentioned some of them above for allies and rivals, here are some additional tokens. There are 4 of each token included.

The Features

There are also 4 extra features and 3 new altars included in the stretch goals box.

That’s all for the stretch goals miniatures. I hope you enjoyed this closer look at the miniatures. If you want to check out more about Altar Quest, visit Blacklist Games.

Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you back again soon.

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