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The Altar Quest Miniatures are Impressive

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Check out this showcase for a closer look at the miniatures included in AltarQuest.

Here’s a showcase of all the Altar Quest miniatures included with the base game. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Altar Quest lately. I really need to get a proper gameplay review posted.

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I’m always a bit nervous about sinking a bunch of money into a game with a ton of miniatures. I get especially nervous when I don’t know what all the minis look like. If you’re like me, and you want to see them before you commit, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some detailed images of each miniature that come in the Altar Quest core box. This is great for anyone who may be on the fence about getting the game because you haven’t seen all the minis. It’s also good for anyone who wants the game only for the minis. Or maybe you’re here just because you want to see them, that’s fine too.

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The Heros

This is pretty self explanatory, these are your heros. You only get one of each of these heros.

Sedrin most closely resembles a paladin. Rowin is your halfling thief. Myreen is a fighter, in Altar Quest she’s also a vampire. Finally, you have Quella, the mage type character, who is also a harpy.

The Villains

The Villains serve as the big bad evil guys to the three different factions of enemies you’ll encounter in Altar Quest.

Bolx is lord of the Frox, Gert leads the Raglanders, and Wynora Morn is the leader of the Thralls. You get one of each of these miniatures in Altar Quest.

The Minions

The minions work for the big bad evil guys. You get five of each minion type for 45 miniatures in total.

The Frox

The Frox are frog-like creatures, Raiders are your basic melee units, Bogmancers are your standard evil magic units, and Muckslingers are ranged units.

The Raglanders

The Raglanders are pig-like people. To me, they could almost pass off as an orc. Raggok Cannibals are large brutish melee units, Ragglin Blooders are smaller melee units, and Ragglin Burners are bomb slinging ranged units.

The Thralls

The Thralls are vampires and other creatures of the night. To be honest, I have a hard time classifying these unit types. You have Gargoyles, which looks really cool! The Crimson Courtier could be some kind of evil butler. And the Feral Mothers are evil looking vampiric women.

The Features

Altar Quest includes several pieces of scatter terrain. Each feature has a purpose in the game, but they would also fit in many other board games or tabletop games. Altar Quest comes with one of each feature model and 16 of the door models.

Stay tuned for a showcase of the Altar Quest miniatures in the stretch goals box and a look at the expansion sets.

Some day I hope to get these models painted, when that someday comes, I’ll post new images.

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon.

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