Custom Projects

Custom HeroQuest Board

Some time ago, when this pandemic started, I found myself spending way more time than normal at home. To fill up some of this time, I decided to build a custom HeroQuest board. For some background, you can read about why I needed a new board in My Tragic HeroQuest Story. I’ve been chronicling my […] - 3 minute read


My HeroQuest Back Story

HeroQuest has been a favourite of mine since I was a kid. Some of my best memories growing up were of HeroQuest. In my younger years, we moved a lot and I didn’t always have friends who I could play with. I spent a lot of time solo playing. I didn’t have any special rules […] - 2 minute read

Custom Projects Resources

GM Tool for HeroQuest – Card Assistant

Checkout this GM tool I’ve started developing for HeroQuest. Still a work in progress. - 2 minute read