Altar Quest, a replacement for HeroQuest?

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Do you think that anything could replace the classic HeroQuest? Let’s take a look at the upcoming Altar Quest.

A little while ago, I heard about a Kickstarter for a game called Alter Quest. I remember thinking it looked pretty cool, and there was no official news for HeroQuest at the time. I really wanted something new, and HeroQuest “like”, to be excited about. Unfortunately, I heard about it too late, and missed the Kickstarter! Luckily, the publisher, Blacklist Games, decided to include everything in the Altar Quest Kickstarter in a new Kickstarter for their upcoming line of fantasy miniatures. So, I decided to back it, on top of their line of miniatures.

Take a look at our Altar Quest unboxing and content review.

Alter Quest Comparison

What is Altar Quest? Altar Quest is a dungeon crawl board game at inspiration from HeroQuest. Blacklist Games, a small game publisher in California, is the publisher behind Altar Quest. Blacklist has run several successful Kickstarter campaigns for a few different games.

Altar Quest features a board made up of several different shaped rooms. Each room has a furniture item placed on a specific tile and a spawn point that monsters appear from. Similar to HeroQuest, players pick a hero to play through the quest with. Heroes can attack monsters, cast spells and perform actions such as searching for treasure. Where it differs from HeroQuest, is in it’s use of Blacklist Games’ Modular Deck System.

The Modular Deck System contains several decks and is the core gameplay mechanic. When you embark on a quest, you use a specific quest deck. When you encounter enemies and traps, they come from a threat deck. Each hero has a unique set of cards to use, and each villain uses a villain deck.

Unlike HeroQuest, Altar Quest is made for 1 – 4 players. This gives the ability for solo play, and there are special conditions that accommodate any number of heroes to play. In HeroQuest, if you co out with only 2 or 3 heroes, you are very likely to be slaughtered!

Can Altar Quest Replace HeroQuest?

I don’t think anything can truly replace HeroQuest. HeroQuest will always be a classic. I’m sure there will always be purists who will only play classic HeroQuest, even after the reprint releases.

I’m very excited for Altar Quest, it should be shipping before the end of the month. Once I get my hands on it, I’ll be sure to share my opinion, along with some unboxing photos.

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